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Welcome to the Safety section of our Website.  I am your VP of Safety, Scott Humphries.  This area provides updated information for coaches, volunteers and parents regarding forms and information we provide and expectations for the safety of your players and our league. I encourage you to check the information on this page periodically and to use the links for medical release forms and accident reporting forms to use for your teams.  I also encourage you to reach out to me if there are any questions or concerns regarding safety. I can always be reached at [email protected]

We are excited to announce that we are still have openings for the lower divisions for our Spring 2024 registration!  Positions for T-ball, Farm and Single A are still open!!  Please visit our registration site to view fees and sign up!! Unfortunately, AA, AAA and Majors divisions are closed for now, but your player can be placed on a wait list and if we have a player drop off for any reason, we will contact you. 


We love volunteers!!  There are so many opportunities for you to get involved in our awesome little league. It ranges from assisting in coaching, becoming a team parent, prepping our fields for our players, and providing help with our snack shack and selling our merchandise.  There is a small donation to become a volunteer, but you are able to reclaim that money once you put in the amount of hours we are requesting (Please see our volunteer section for that information).   ALL VOLUNTEERS will have to go through a background check and be cleared prior to being allowed to be on the field with our youth players.  So, look for an e-mail from us regarding some questions that will help us complete the background check and send them back to us.  Thank you so much for your cooperation.

Managers and Coaches Requirments: 

Well, this year is a bit different for completing certifications for managers and coaches. There are new and extra things that Little League International AND the State of California want us to be educated on prior to working with our young players. 

1.  CONCUSSION TRAINING:  The first is Concussion Training REQUIRED by State Law.  You are responsible to make sure that you and your coach and at least one additional adult on your team are cleared prior to first practice.  There should always be at least one adult present that has completed the certification process.  Clink the link provided.  Training takes less than 45 minutes.  Once completed email a copy of the certificate to [email protected].

CDC has changed the training for Concussion and now requires you to create a profile for this training (unfortunately you can't just login and reprint like before).  I strongly recommend that you follow the instruction attached very closely so that you can effectively launch the training, as it is very bureaucratic and non-intuitive, but I have little ability to communicate with the CDC to get you help.

For more information on Concussion Safety please check out "A Nurse's Guide to Sports Concussion"

2.  ABUSE RECOGNITION TRAINING:  All coaches, managers and board members must take this training.  Here is the link. is slightly confusing, but essentially you are registering and purchasing, but for $0.00, the training module.  Once you complete the "purchase" there will be a link at the top to launch the module.  The module is approximately 30 minutes and is mostly straightforward.  When completed a certificate may be generated.  Please send a copy of the certificate to my [email protected] address.

3.  SUDDEN CARDIAC ARREST TRAINING:  All Managers, Coaches, Administrators, Umpires, etc. must complete this State Law required training annually.   It is a fairly simple  and quick course at only 20 minutes.  When completed a certificate will be generated.  Please send a copy of the certificate to my [email protected] address.   The link is below.Sudden Cardiac Arrest Training.

4. FIRST AID/CPR/AED TRAININGThe last is First Aid Training REQUIRED by LL Int'l  You are responsible to make sure that you are certified.  Certification is required once every two years for at least one individual for every team.  We are requiring Managers to be certified unless someone else is explicitly named by the Manager for their team prior to the first practice.  Clink the link provided.  Training takes less than 30 minutes.  Once completed I will be automatically notified on your completion, so there is no need to take further action.  If you want to use a training completed from last year, just let me know as I should already have a copy [email protected].  The Manager is responsible to either complete the training or provide the certificate, or provide an acceptable alternative, i.e. outside training certificate that states CPR/First Aid and AED on the certificate.  The district does not accept a medical license that does not have that specific training included. Here is a link to get registered.

5. LIVE SCAN FINGERPRINTING:    As a Little League® volunteer in California, we want to share an important update regarding a new state law to protect children from sexual abuse in youth organizations, including Little League. California passed a new legislative bill, Assembly Bill No.506, that requires a fingerprint-based background check and child abuse and neglect reporting training for individuals who volunteer more than 16 hours a month or 32 hours a year; which, for Little League, includes coaches, managers, board members, umpires, etc.

The bill requires organizations to have policies to ensure that regular volunteers are reporting suspected incidents of child abuse. It also requires the presence of at least two mandated reporters when interacting with children. This law will go into effect statewide on January 1, 2022. Fortunately, Little League International has the Child Protection Program that must be followed by all Little League programs and volunteers are already considered mandated reporters due to the SafeSport law enacted in 2018 .

We will be setting up a Live scan fingerprinting date once we get all the information and registration back from the Department of Justice. So, be on the look out for the email!!!

 COVID 19 Protocol: 

For now,  we are following the protocol as there are in schools and with the Contra Costa County mandate. It is recommended, but not required to wear a mask when involved with a group of people at practices and games. If the county changes the mandate requirements, then we will alert you to our requirements. 

PARENTS:   We want to make your players experience enjoyable and we also need your help. We all want our players to get the best expeience and look to the numerous volunteers to make this happen.  I encourage you to keep an open line of communication with your manager and coaches and make sure there are clear expectations of what they expect from the  players as well as from you as the parent.  The volunteers that are the managers and coaches are putting in their extra time to help your player develop as a baseball player and get the most out of it.  Please be respectful of their rules and boundaries for their practices and their games.  Please do not conjugate along the fields and make comments during practices if you are not actively coaching. We also ask that you do not conjugate in the dugout area where your player is out and please remain in the bleachers to enjoy the game. 

If there is an issue with your player, be it playing time, coaching style, etc. , please reach out to your manager/coaches first.  I ask that you understand that Managers and coaches will have different styles on how they coach their players and provide feedback to the players. See if you can resolve the issue with a polite, respectful conversation.  This shows respect to the manager/coach that you would like to resolve issues and clear up any misunderstandings.  If you do not feel that your concern is being heard or the issue is not being resolved/continues,  then I encourage you to reach out to the Division Director for your player's division. A list of the division directors and their e-mails should be listed on the website.  IF THERE IS A SAFETY CONCERN,  then please also e-mail me with the concern along with the division director at [email protected]. We want to make your player's and your experience with our little league the best it can be and we also want to educate all about the importance of rules and safety of baseball. 


If there is an injury during practice or a game that requires the player to sit out the rest of the practice/game, please use the INJURY REPORT FORM and fill out completely.  Then please send the injury report to me at [email protected].   I will follow up with the manager and parent regarding the injury. Some injuries require a doctor's follow up.  In those cases, we need an "OFFICIAL NOTE" from the physician that clears them to play again. The note also should be sent to my e-mail to have documentation that the player has been cleared. I thank you for following these protocols as we need to make sure we know of major injuries that occur in our league. 

I am looking forward to this season and the community we are bringing together.

Thank you,

Scott Humphries
VP, Safety & Training 
Bollinger Canyon Little League 

Little League Safety

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Bollinger Canyon Little League

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